Beste klanten, om u een overzicht te geven van wat u kunt bezoeken in onze prachtige stad, geven wij u hierna een overzicht van de toegankelijke monumenten. Indien u meerdere informatie wenst kan U doorklikken naar de site van

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Mit ihren dicken Mauern, den Zinnen, den Ecktürmen und Schießscharten sieht die fünfeckige Kaserne eigentlich wie eine befestigte Burg aus. Und dennoch hat ein großer Teil des Gebäudes heute nichts mehr mit der Armee zu tun.
Ganz im Gegenteil: Inzwischen hat das Hohe Institut für Schöne Künste dort Einzug gehalten. Im Marktgebäude befinden sich außerdem 12 Ateliers von bildenden Künstlern sowie 4 Proberäume für Musiker

Charles de Kerchovelaan / Kunstlaan - 9000 Gent

New Law Courts

2007 saw the opening of the new, modern law courts designed by the architect Stéphane Beel. Around 600 people work in this 6-storey building with its eye-catching glass façade.

Opgeëistenlaan 401 - 9000 Gent

Leopold Barracks

With its thick walls, battlements, corner turrets and embrasures, the five-sided barracks still look above all like a fortified stronghold. However, a large part of the building no longer has anything to do with the army. On the contrary: these days the Higher Institute of Fine Arts has made its home there. This building also hosts 12 workshops for graphic artists and 4 rehearsal rooms for musicians.

Charles de Kerchovelaan / Kunstlaan - 9000 Gent

Minard Theatre

Romain De Coninck, founder and driving force behind the Minard, keeps a permanent watch over his popular theatre. The wonderful entrance hall has been maintained and the hall fully modernised. The evening’s performance is mulled over around the fine oval bar until the early hours.

Walpoortstraat 15 - 9000 Gent

The Big Cannon

This impressive cast-iron cannon weighs 12,500 kg and is known in popular parlance as the ‘dulle griet’ (evil woman). It does have a big mouth but that’s as far as the evil goes, as it has never been fired. It was too often used as a rubbish bin or a bed for drunkards (the eponymous café De Dulle Griet proudly sells more than 250 types of beer), so the barrel was permanently closed a few years ago.

Groot Kanonplein - 9000 Gent


In 1488, Maximilian of Austria took advantage of a weak point in Ghent’s defences to seize the city. When, after 40 days of siege, his army withdrew without having accomplished their mission, the city authorities used the opportunity to strengthen the central building by means of two towers. This splendid building was recently

Opgeëistenlaan 1 - 9000 Gent

Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite Monks form a living community in Ghent. The 18th-century monastery church can be visited freely and the adjoining garden by request. Those who enjoy the exceptional peace and quiet can even stay the night here. The guesthouse makes an original base for a stay in the city.

Burgstraat 46 - 9000 Gent

Augustine Monastery

The home of the Augustines was founded in 1296 when the Bishop of Tournai gave these preachers permission to build a monastery. St Stephen’s Church has developed into a popular place of pilgrimage where one will find St Rita’s listening ear.

Academiestraat 1 - 9000 Gent

Van Eyck Swimming Baths

Belgium’s oldest indoor swimming pool is also the newest: in 2001 it was fully restored so that the splendid art deco design is today more beautiful than ever. Furthermore, the swimming pool also retains its public function as a bathhouse: those without much space at home can pop round and enjoy a long relaxing bath. In the ‘Au Bain’ lounge bar on the first-floor, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the swimming pool and the marina.

Veermanplein 1 - 9000 Gent

Law Courts

To solve the permanent lack of space, a modern building for the law courts was built on the edge of the city. The old, neo-classical style edifice, built between 1836 and 1846, is for the time being also still in use.

Koophandelsplein - 9000 Gent